Most new start ups think they can have
a share in the market by undercutting the
prices of the larger companies.    
Some sell based on being cheaper. The cheap
never grow out of being "Start Ups" since they
always work themselves out of business without
considering the minimum
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More Work or More Money?

In fact those who end up selling to the cheapest clients are the ones
with the lowest self esteem.  
The rapid growth
in the stone  and   tile
industry   can    be
attributed in part    to
the rapid advancement in waterjet
cutting technology.  
This technology has made stone,
tile, and marble cutting easier
without restrictions.  By closely
nesting raw materials and a
reduced small kerf width to cut the
materials, the stone and tile
industry is able to maximize
performance by cutting any shape
or size and create a better yield.
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Stone, Marble & Tile Cutting

Gloss is
measured by
shining a known
amount of light
at a surface and
quantifying the
The angle of the
light and the method by which the reflectance is measured
are determined by the surface.
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How is Gloss Measured?
Happy Holidays
Whether you see the Holidays as an
opportunity to rest, the best time to
reorganize your shop and install the new
machines, or merely time wasted with no
work while the rents and mortgages do not
stop, the Holiday Season is here.
Here is some advice from Santa:
1- Do not Sacrifice Family for work, Life has no reverse gears.

2- Do not overkill with Gifts and Company Parties. They are not
as appreciated as you think. If anything, overkill parties
generate envy of your workers and others.

3- Have a Plan for January when you come back.

4- Let everyone know when you will close in advance (min  3
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